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Antimama special water repellent fabric vs regular cotton fabric comparison

Antimama face masks use Japanese import fabric with special weaving technology that offer water repellent effect, no chemicals used, perfect for your health to protect you form droplets in the air. 

How to wash your Antimama face mask (with Eng subtitles)​

Special care instructions while washing your Antimama cloth face mask can be found here. This video shows you what you need and the process of hand washing your face mask to extend its life span of the fabric, nose wire and earloop. 

How to adjust the nose wire in the anti-fogging guard of Antimama face mask (with Eng subtitles)

Many of those who wear glasses have problems with foggy glasses when wearing masks. Antimama is built with an anti-fogging guard. Learn this one simple step to adjust the nose wire and say goodbye to foggy glasses.

Remove tag face mask

How to remove the label​

A few of you asked if the tag is removable. Yes, you can remove it without damaging the mask as long as you operate with care. Pick up an utility knife, don’t cut between the label and the mask and don’t pull it off w/ force. You’ll have a tagless mask :)​

face mask replace broken wire

How to replace broken nose wire​

it’s pretty rare that the wire is broken. But if happens, we can mail you a replacement nose wire. You can cut a small hole on the inside of the flap (see picture where the arrow points to) Don’t cut the thread tho. Then you can slide the broke nose wire out slowly. And insert the replacement wire then sew up the cut. Please note, the nose wire maybe be broken if it’s bend opposite direction or twisted while washing your mask.